Q: Are you able to confirm or give an indication of an approximate build time once commencing onsite?

A: Based on our experience, we allow approximately 16-weeks to complete a custom built home, however this does vary given the complexity and size of your build.

Q: Am I able to choose my own fixtures, finishes and fittings in order to style the new home to suit?

A: Of course! We obviously work with a selection of suppliers providing quality products, however if you have preference for a particular item, we work with you and our trades to ensure it can be accommodated.

Q: Are Jux flexible and able to handle onsite variations to design, fixtures and fittings?

A: Yes. Our team pride ourselves on being able to listen to your needs and execute accordingly. All variations are approved, documented and any financial costs to be incurred are always discussed in advance of proceeding.

Q: Will a Jux custom built home cost more than an “off the plan” I’ve viewed at a display village or similar?

A: No, not necessarily. Jux costings are fair, reasonable and very transparent – showing you upfront all costs articulated in a HIA fixed price contract. Meanwhile, exorbitant variations are not charged for you add personal touches as found with (some) project builders. Jux prides on there being no ‘hidden costs’.

Q: Do I need to own a block of land or obtain architectural working drawings before making contact with Jux?

A: Absolutely not. Our role can facilitate communication with our suite of builders designers, while offering guidance into your design and plans.

Q: Can you recommend suppliers such as Architects and Engineers in order for us to undertake the initial preliminaries?

A: Yes. We work closely with an array of exceptional suppliers to suit a range of budgets. Contact us for a supplier list and referral.

Q: As our builder, can you assist with the Certification and Approvals process with our local council?

A: Definitely. We are able to act on your behalf following the signing a Preliminary Contract and receiving a specified deposit to cover any costs incurred.

Q: Do you enforce standard colour choices?

A: There are no standard colour choices displayed for you to choose from (as with other builders), although guidance is offered by our dedicated Colour Consultant. Jux understands that your preferences are unique, therefore all designs are created this way from scratch.